for Testing Centres

COGNIGRAM™ is to be prescribed by a physician and is then administered by a qualified supervisor at authorized testing centre. Authorized testing centres can be identified under the testing centre locator tab.

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for Physicians

COGNIGRAM™ allows for regular and standardised testing of cognitive function to assist physicians to detect even subtle change that could signify the early stage of dementia. COGNIGRAM™ can also be used to monitor changes in cognitive function following concussion or after treatment with drugs or other types of interventions.

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COGNIGRAM™ is a simple computerized battery of tests based on a card game.1

  • Designed to detect and monitor change over time in cognitive function1-2
  • Validated in numerous studies1-3

for Sports Concussion Management

COGNIGRAM® is available in Canada to aide in the evaluation and management of sports-related concussions.

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